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The Xtrons brand contains multiple features across a wide range of in-car entertainment products. The following are but a few examples of the range of products provides: Headrest DVD Players Overhead DVD Players and Monitors GPS Systems Car Radios (single and double din) Reversing Cameras Tuners Car Accessories Features such as custom fittings, integrated platforms, multiple formats, and support for various mainstream media devices, allowing the products to easily meet the various requirements of a global customer base. Combined with this is our specialist knowledge of the in car entertainment industry, allowing us to provide our customers with clear, easy to understand details regarding our various products and how they can be used to their maximum potential. The Xtrons brand is certified with CE (EEA), RoSH and E-Mark (ECE) meeting and exceeding the set standards for global selling. Company Values Xtrons stands for three core principles: Simplicity: This refers to two different aspects. Firstly the adaptability of the products due to the customisation and accessories that come with the Xtrons brand design. Secondly the ease for the customer to find and understand the role and the full range of benefits for the product. Reliability: This refers to the dedication of our company to provide you with the best possible products, supported by a strong quality control team and with the ability to easily customise the product for specific uses. Desirability: This refers to the drive for innovation, with the company constantly searching for ways to adapt our flexible technology with a similarly growing and diverse car technology. These principles set the foundation, necessary to provide our customers with the best quality, customer friendly car entertainment products.

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