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Amsterdam, NL

In 2015 Tyger Vinum released Tha Audio Bully album. The promotion has been going well thanks to UK promo team Soul Food and a lot of DJ support. The "Love Hip-Hop Remix" is currently #1 on the Starfleet Music Pool, Top-50 Indie Chart. The track was added to the Music Week, Urban Club Chart in September 2015, the single climbed from #23 to #15 in three weeks. The remix features rhyme veteran Shabaam Sahdeeq with scratches by DJ Modesty, host of the Real Hip-Hop Show for over a decade. The single was released in November and is available digitally. "Four Walls" will be the last song release off this album and is available now at all major digital outlets. Aside from the music, Tyger Vinum is busy with other company ventures. There will be videos for the songs "Love Hip-Hop," "Four Walls" and "Speaking Chinese." The merchandise line of exclusive caps and T-shirts will now be available on all (USA), (Germany), (U.K.), (Spain) and (Japan) outlets. The website and company website have been updated to allow our customers to purchase products in digital currency Bitcoin from our webshop. 2014 ended positive for Tyger Vinum with the single "New York Spit" reaching #1 on the Starfleet Music Pool, Top-50 Indie Chart. The single stayed on the charts for twelve weeks thanks to you fans! In 2013 Vinum released the single "Speaking Chinese." The year before, he released four new videos "My Addictions," "Defying Gravity," "Grimey" and "Novicane," then did shows in Germany to promote the new music. Tyger Vinum was also featured on Coast 2 Coast mixtape volume 93, The Indie Top 50 and received a sixth ASCAPlus Award. In 2010 Tyger Vinum released the album Grindin Muzik, featuring Sean Price of Helta Skelta, Kool G. Rap, Ruste Juxx, NLZ and others. The first single off this album was "AhhYoo" a grimey street anthem with melodic beats and sinister rhymes. He was also featured in the March 09 issue of Underground Railroad Magazine. In 2007 Vinum was the recipient of a GMMA (Global Marijuana Music Award) for Best Video with "Mary and I" in Sidney, Australia. Tyger Vinum is one of the best lyricists in the music business. He makes high octane lyrically driven music and has consistently released records since 2001. He has performed on stages in the US, France, Greece, Germany, UK, Russia and numerous other countries. To date, Tyger Vinum has released 4 albums, 7 singles, 1 EP, 13 video clips and sold albums worldwide. For more information on Tyger Vinum, Poizonous Pen Publishing or Vinumous Records log onto

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