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My name is Helen and I live in Paris. I was born and raised in Portugal though! 7 years after my birth my family decided to move to France. this is because my mother became a Scientist in Paris. She always wanted to live in France. And although I miss Portugal, I tend to visit whenever I can. It's not that far after all. I am now 38 and I speak fluently French and Portuguese. I am also learning to speak English. I have joined this website to keep all important to me websites in one place. This way I can share them with my friends easily. I work as a hairdresser and I absolutely love my job. I have 2 sisters and they are working with me. The 3 of us own the Hair salon. We are planning to expand someday and own more hair salons but all in good time. I live with 2 Labradors and a cat. I do not have any children, I am very much focused on my job. I am happy and I am never lonely. I always have time to meet with my best friends for a coffee or something even stronger. I love my life and that is the most important thing. Besides this I love watching old movies with James Dean or Marilyn Monroe.

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