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SIC ILL Biography Demetrius Cornelius Jackson (born June 4, 1987 in Tacoma, WA - 30 miles south of Seattle, WA), better known by his stage name SIC ILL, is a Latino-African American rapper, singer-songwriter, producer, beatmaker, photographer, videographer, independent unsigned artist. He is most well known for his viral music video parodies SPINDASH (Sonic The Hedgehog), THE PIT (Mortal Kombat), IMA DOCTOR (Meek Mill - Ima Boss), THE WALKING DEAD (Black Ops/Resident Evil), FREE PARKING (Monopoly Board Game) DARTH VADER (Star Wars). Many of these videos focus on a particular topic. He has released many albums/mixtapes, including making 12 different projects in 2012. All of his albums contain the surname "demic" at the end. "VICDEMIC 2" "STREETDEMIC 2" "VICDEMIC" "STREETDEMIC" "HILLDEMIC" "TACDEMIC" "MAEDEMIC" "KINGDEMIC 2" "WARDEMIC 1" "KINGDEMIC" "FANDEMIC" "AMERIDEMIC" "RETRODEMIC" "PRODEMIC" "TECHDEMIC" "STARDEMIC" "EPIDEMIC" "PANDEMIC" He also is a part-time celebrity photographer, and has worked with many names in the music industry. Brian Angel of DAY26, Brisco of Cash Money, H-Town, Chico Debarge, Benzino formerly of Source Magazine and Luni Coleone.

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