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The core of Rob?s legal practice is civil litigation, with an emphasis on construction, real estate, and business law. He represents a wide range of clients, from large construction companies to individual homeowners. _____________________________________________________ PRACTICE AREAS: Real Estate Attorney, Tenancy Disputes,, Lease Review and Drafting Attorney, Boundary Dispute Attorney,, Easement Attorney, Landlord Problem Attorney, Quiet Title Attorney, Attorney Handling Eviction Cases, Real Estate Commission Dispute Attorney, Buying or Selling Residential or Commercial Real Estate, Title Insurance Dispute Attorney, Real Estate Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration Attorney, Lien Claim Attorney, Loan Modification Process, Disputes with Banking Institutions regarding a Property, Short Sale Assistance Attorney, Local Municipal Legal Dispute Attorney, Foreclosures, Neighbor Dispute Attorney, Assisting with real estate disputes between brokers and buyers, Helping to prevent and disputes related to CC&Rs, Trustee Services for Property Owners Attorney, Helping real estate owners with the condo conversion process, Property Attorney, Boundary Line Disputes, Eminent Domain Attorney, Condemnation Attorney, Homeowner Association (HOA) Law, Probate Law Attorney, Last Will & Testament Attorney, Last Will & Testament Attorney, Legal Guardianship Attorney, Trust Formation, Estate Planning Attorney, Recovery for Financial Elder Abuse Attorney, Probate and Administration of Estate Attorney, Trust Accounting Litigation Attorney, Undue influence in estate planning, Defective Trusts and Wills, Contested Trusts and Wills, Probate Litigation, Abused Will and Trust Beneficiary Attorney, Business Law Attorney, Forming Corporations, Forming Non-profit Corporations, Limited Liability Attorney, Sole Proprietorship Attorney, Business Partnership Attorney, Contract Attorney, Legal Entity Creation Attorney, Family Law Attorney, Divorce Attorney, Divorce Asset Division Lawyer, Real Estate and Divorce Attorney, Child Custody Attorney, Child Custody Enforcement Attorney, Child Custody Modification Attorney, Child Visitation Attorney, Child Support Attorney, Child Support Enforcement Attorney, Child Support Modification Attorney, Alimony and Spousal Maintenance Attorney, Construction Attorney, Mediation Attorney, Construction Defects Attorney, Environmental Law Attorney, Lien Attorney,, Mediation Attorney, Government Audit Attorney _________________________________________________ CONTACT: (Tacoma Office) Dickson Frohlich, 1200 E. D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421, Phone: (253) 572-1000 _________________________________________________ (Seattle Office) Dickson Frohlich, 2101 4th Avenue, Suite 1830, Seattle, WA 98121, Phone: 206-621-1110

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