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NOT ABLE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT Your login should be composed simply of characters and/ numbers and one word. No place nor unique characters such as ?!@#_$.PERCENT&*-) are allowed. UNABLE TO UPLOAD IMAGES Then please use another system such as a pc, if you should be having concerns posting images. I DON?T SEE MY AD STATED Your ad might have to be authorized before it's posted. It typically takes just a few moments. PRICE SHOWING OR INCORRECT Use numbers that are only when entering your cost. Specific characters such as $,. and letters aren't allowed. Please alter the cost. HOWTO EDIT OR DELETE AN USING A CELL PHONE Utilizing the Software 1. Get the application from App or PlayStore Store 2. Log into your account 3. Slide the medial side selection for your ?Edit an Ad? choice 4. Choose the ad you wish to alter or remove 5. Choose the pad icon to modify or the bin symbol to remove your advertisement 6. If you are done, go the side selection and select ?Finish Edit? Having a browser (including Google-Chrome) 1. Log into your account 2. Pick your ad that you desire to alter 3. Press the most effective right-hand part of your browser where there is ?MORE? or three facts in a row going down (depends upon visitor) 4. Select ?Request pc site? or computer version?. Please wait before the page refreshes 5. Even the bin image to eliminate your ad or find the pad icon to alter 6. Unselect ?Request pc or pick ?Request cellular version? site? to look at the site as usual when you're done HOW TO OR DELETE AN AD EMPLOYING A TABLET OR PC 1. Log into your account 2. Select your ad that you simply wish to revise 3. Select the pen image to revise or even the bin image to delete your advertisement HOW DOES MY AD LAST FOR After it's accepted, free advertisement last for 365-days. After it is terminated you could resubmit your ad. US Phone or Whatsapp: (876) 293-6424 Email: postadja Opening Hours: 9am ? 6pm, Mon ? Saturda

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