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Hello! my name is Sebastian Alfonso, but for my friends and family I'm just Poncho, I'm Latino and I define myself as a simple man, passionate about life and nature, a lover of exercise and healthy lifestyle, I like to workout at the gym, and practice disciplines such as yoga and Pilates, I like to lead a healthy life for that reason I avoid vices like smoking and alcohol, I am aware that such practices are not good for health and apart not help me achieve my goals at physical, mental and sports. I am an amateur athlete, fan of all that is related to weight lifting, gym, fitness and bodybuilding, I like to know everything that is related to these techniques and learn as much as possible about them, the truth is that I began to interest and involve me in this topic recently, but I did motivated by the desire to achieve, and build a muscular body, sexy, toned, athletic, and above all healthy, because I think when a person has a healthy body your mind and spirit is also healthy. In other aspects of my life I can say I'm a young scholar, dedicated, disciplined, hardworking, relaxed, fun, spontaneous, positive, persistent, consistent, responsible, friendly, creative, dreamer, and character to deal with all situations that life present me with a great desire to achieve my goals and beat me every day of my life. I love and appreciate my parents and families that are an important part in my life and I value the same way my friends and close acquaintances, I like to meet people, exchange knowledge, information, life stories, and experience different cultures and traditions, I think every day you learn something new every person I know helps me grow in my life because it gives me a certain way a little of their essence and history. I am a man of faith and my main motivation in life is to sense the presence of God in everything I do.

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