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Melek Ra' was born and raised in a small town in Delaware in a abusive parent/single parent home where his mother did most of the upbringing! The oldest of 6, he was led to mature a little more quickly than his peers... Little did he know, these morals, responsibilities, and values would later become priceless assets that would propel him through the music industry! He later moved to Richmond in 2000 and that's where his music career began to advance! He had been writing poems since a young boy and converted that same poetic capability into his music! Over the years, with such a great passion for his craft, he learned to produce beats in 2002 and it too, became something he was intimately involved with! This grew into a stronger desire to become 'one with the music' and he began to venture into the engineering side of the craft in 2004! Since then he has recorded countless songs for himself and others and has found his own lane in the industry! A perfect blend between 'street rap' and 'conscious rap', he somehow balances the two effortlessly, enabling him to grasp the attention of the streets, yet not glorify it's dark side! Melek Ra' is a voice for the new awakening!

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