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Entrepreneur, Speaker, Personal Development Leader, & Success Coach Meiyoko Taylor is on a mission to spread his message of "Finding Your Amazing" throughout the entire world. There are many people right now who are currently living a life that is not in alignment with their passion or purpose. Meiyoko remembers that feeling all too well. The days of working at a job that that made him miserable, declining health, lack of support as an Entrepreneur, and an unhealthy relationship where once a reality for the now rising Personal Development figure. He now brings awareness and empowers others to understand that situations like these do not have to remain a reality. You can completely transform your personal or professional life by igniting your passion and creating a path that is identical to who you truly are. People from all walks of life have gravitated to his timeless message and are becoming ambassadors for this global personal development movement. He is often quoted as saying "It is time to reconnect people back to the true essence of themselves instead of using entertainment and reality television as the perfect example of a fulfilling life." This is often felt at his speaking engagements, his published works or through his coaching programs. He has indeed launched a much needed revolution. A revolution that utilizes your unique gifts, re-connects you with the things you are truly passionate about and starts you on an exciting journey to building a better you!

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