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Just Me... Carolinian... Traveling the World... Doing my thing... KATRELL THE PHENOMENAL ?KP THE PHENOM?. Katrell Platt,?Trell? the eldest son of a member of the NC A&T University Alumni / Marching Band and band director, is just an everyday extra-ordinary life force. He was born in Mount Vernon, New York but as an infant was relocated to and raised in Mullins, South Carolina. Surrounded by family and music, this is where his concrete work ethic was instilled and ?adapt to overcome? foundation began, as well as some of his darkest times of life. Raised in a single parent home and pretty tight knit community, he gives the biggest credit to the greater ancestors of his family, that he had the honor to encounter. His (Heart) Great Aunt, Mrs. Lucy Lee Smith, and Great Grandmother, Mrs. Mary Platt, leading the way, along with their brother and sisters, who had a gospel group called ?The Godfrey Sisters? played defining roles in his life. So he never quite fitted in with his peers, due to his more mature /aged outlook on life, but yet could always blend in, contrarily so, and get along pretty peacefully with any other soul. Always quick witted, with an even quicker, slicker tongue while bearing a deep and dark emotional angry temperament; said to have roots from his father always making empty promises, the seldom times they spoke, and not being around. Once an honor roll caliber student throughout grade school, his grades consistently began to drop. As a functioning mentally and deeply disturbed teenager ,with no feeling of belonging anywhere, his mother then sent for him and moved him again to attend high school in Kenly, North Carolina to begin anew. That began the, ?KP?, chapter of his life which consisted of him being introduced directly to; illegal activities, popularity, free-styling at school, his love for lyric writing, and the frightening introduction of someone he?d had no idea of whom was staring back at him the mirror. Some of his other residencies, which add to his life and musical experiences, include; Roanoke, Virgina; Heidelberg, Germany (Where he recorded his actual first song); and currently Tokyo, Japan. KP is a very laid back individual who speaks for / to happily underestimated and deep thinkers of the world who see positivity in every / any event that may / will occur in life, determined to remain painstakingly in motion. Known for his natural intelligence, as well as being uniquely wise, passionate, humble, and a conscientious ?old spirited? Carolinian. Music comes as therapeutic second nature and has kept dormant the very dark demons he has, which he is now willing to share, that only very few that know him, personally, have seen. He just wants his music to; reflect his resiliency, his ability to consistently overcome adversity, his open minded non judgmental personality, and speak to all people. All while highly encouraging the discouraged, ?If I can do it, anyone can?. ?Just trying to live, not trying to hurt nobody?, is his life motto.

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