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JMWant is your secure online gateway to thousands of the world's hottest trending online products and what's known in industry terms as a "drop shipper" -- an entity that employs a method by which products are directly shipped to the customer from the manufacturer or supplier. However, we like to consider ourselves more than a drop shipper. While we offer the technology to support the online seller in efficiently managing their sales, inventory, and data, we control the most important aspects of the drop shipping supply chain: Every product is owned and 100% inspected by us and through our parent company relationship with 4PX (China's top logistics provider for cross-border trade shipments), we leverage discounted logistics solutions to ship your products with some of the most reputable global carriers in the world (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Hong Kong Post, Singapore Post, etc.). In addition, we can legitimately make quick and reliable global shipping possible through our network of global warehouses. You will benefit from our website the most if you are an online seller and serious about growing your online business -- this is who we serve. Our online platform / business model has been specifically designed to allow our online sellers to maximize profits and streamline operations.

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