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In early 2007, Ex members Jonathan Paschall (Ex-Drummer) and Cody Brill (Ex-Bassist) of ?Quietus? along with Jason Kaufman (Vocals) and Ryan Gonzalez (Ex-Guitarist) to form what would be ?Fight The War? hailing from Santa Clarita, California. The band name ?Fight The War? was brought into play feeding from the thought that everyday life you have situations/issues that you struggle through and you fight for. The band primarily wrote Metal music that was fast paced. Minutes, Hours, Days pass when the band finished writing it?s first Non-Official album. Which to this day is a hard find. It consisted of 4 tracks that were a combination of heavy/sludgy/metal genres and lasted about 25 minutes. Although, their ascension to the Metal charts was slowly gaining momentum the bands true sound did not start taking formation until the next line-up change. Later in 2007, Phil Paschall (Ex-Lead Guitarist) cousin to Jonathan Paschall brought the band a heavier and more technical sound. Influences like Lamb of God and Slipknot started taking notably more into effect. Ryan Gonzalez then left the band shortly after. It was around this time when the band played it?s very first show at the Key Club opening for HELLYEAH, Otep and Bloodsimple. Popularity started spreading through MySpace. Let?s fast forward to late 2008, the band was looking to fill in the position of Rhythm Guitarist. A few tried out, but couldn?t keep up with the fast and heavy paced music. The band then met Jonathan Urrutia and Ricardo Torres (Ex Bridges To Burn Guitarists) for this position. Ultimately choosing Jonathan Urrutia which would provide a more melodic and power driven sound heavily influenced by Metallica and Pantera. The band had finally achieved its sound. Shortly after in early 2009 the band would record what would later be the ?Out For Blood EP?. The 4 song EP became a hit and later heard throughout the Santa Clarita Valley. Then later spreading to the whole Los Angeles area. In June of 2010, Bassist Cody Brill suffered an injury in his lower back after the band had already agreed to play in July. The band had a dilemma in their hands. A week later after band practice Jonathan Paschall walked into the practice room noticing Ricardo Torres playing their song ?Bastard? on Guitar. Which sparked the idea of Ricardo hopping on Bass Guitar to fill for the show. Needless to say the show was a success. Cody Brill continued to have back problems and personal issues which led to him leaving the in November of 2010. Ricardo Torres officially joined the group in December of 2010. Bringing with him influences of Nu-Metal mixed with style adhering to Jonathan Urrutia Guitar playing. The band became more solid. In late 2011 the band had produced the ?Self Destruction EP? the EP had strong presence combined with light melodics. The band then started gaining more notability and musically was more tight and solid than ever before. A short time after the bands release, Phil Paschall left the band to pursue a career in law and advance himself in life. Song writing for the bands next album came to a hault in February of 2012. Issues/conflicts had risen and came to focus within the group that resulted in the departure of Jonathan Paschall from the band. The band quickly picked up Iorden Mitev (Ex- Drummer of High Tech Hate & Darklin Hollow). With Iorden came solidarity/timing and a more technical style of drumming. Jumping to the year 2013 the band recorded the ?Back On The Warpath EP? Which has only been released to a few. The EP is named the Back On The Warpath due to the fact that the band has heavily endured setbacks causing the album to be further delayed. Now they are back and ready to bring the scene much needed Metal support.

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