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Manuel DONOFRIO, @donofrionist * RNA Nacional Rock On Air Personality / ItsMyURLs Brand Ambassador: ARTIST, AUTHOR, PRODUCER / The DOnofrio COmpany, Owner / La Patilla USA Project Partner Highlighted Reviews = Andrs Calamaro: "ROCK, LITERATURE, JOURNALISM, ART, DANDYSM expected DONOFRIO like for a MESSIAH" / Mike O'Neil: "THE VERY ESSENCE OF COOL" / Latin Singer Julio Iglesias: "The hottest tv chronicler ever" / Former Carlos Menem's General Secretary of the Presidency Alberto Kohan and Dr Jos Luis Manzano's Private Secretary agreed: "He'll be president without holding before no elective office" / Former Secretary of the Intelligence Agency of the Presidency: "I must confess I have never seen anyone like you" / Maestro Barenboim: "'Bosnia 90210", the right point between Jimi Hendrix and Igor Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring'" / Roberto Pettinato: "He's the evolution of Howard Stern"

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