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Story Tagline The Boss Lady Introduction Whenever you hear the words: hardworking, dependable, and quality; the name Attica Lundy-Cooper fits the description perfectly. She is a tiny woman that operates at the level of a well-oiled corporate machine. Her name alone radiates absolute power. She began her career in the fields of both Marketing and Public Relations in 1997 before the dawn of the new millennium. That move proved to be beneficial. She quickly rose to the top of Atlanta?s elite and was soon after tagged as "Someone you need to know". For years, she continued to work as a publicist in the Atlanta area until she decided to do something bigger. In 2010, she went on to establish her own company called Celeb Status PR. After the company?s inception, Attica Lundy-Cooper served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). She went on to work with big names such as Multi-platinum record producer Mr. Lee. She also provided services for acts such as Alley Boy and Lil Hot just to name a few. Her portfolio is impressive. Her work ethic has even earned her the title of being one of the ?Top 100 publicist in the world?, Attica Lundy-Cooper?s career stretches farther than just Public Relations. She's a published author, radio personality, and artist manager. She also is the founder of: On The Rise Media, On The Rise Magazine, and On The Rise Radio. She is also a contributing freelance journalist for several well-known blogs and publications all over the world. Her resume goes on and on. She is also a Public Speaker as well. In 2004, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Instead of letting that diagnosis define or defeat her, she worked even harder. Today, she is a survivor and spokesperson for MS. Her calling has surpassed the worlds of entertainment and Public Relations. Attica Lundy-Cooper is an activist for the rights of patients, research, and finding a cure for the auto-immune disease. In 2012 she married her best friend and confidant Rafael Cooper. Together, the two of them have been combating against MS full-time. In 2015, the power couple relocated to Denver, Colorado in search of a cure as an advocate for safe access to cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis awareness). She is an ordained minister of light now, Attica aka Mama Caren/DearTrapMary has been led towards life coaching and matchmaking as part of her Love and Light Ministry. She is fighting for her life daily by keeping a positive outlook on everything. As a wife and mother of five children, she has proven that the sky is far from the limit and that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. ~Words by BlaqKharma~

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