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ItsMyURLs is a free web & mobile service that allows you to organize all of your social network and app profiles into one location.

Our Service

stay connected across social media

Your ItsMyURLs profile is the gateway to your social profiles and app profiles.  It gives people direct access to your profiles on services like Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, and the rest.,

Find Others

search our userbase & connect

ItsMyURLs is also the best way to get connected with others.  You can search our users, and start messaging them on Twitter, Instagram, or viewing their Snaps in seconds!  Try our friend Coco's profile.

QR Code

the gateway to your online presence

With each profile, we provide you with a QR code that you can put on anything you'd like.  People scan it, and then get to connect with you on the profiles listed on your ItsMyURLs account.


exclusive data insight into your profiles

With our Analytics, you can see which of your social media profiles is most popular by looking at how many clicks they get, what geographic location people are from, and much much more.