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...FEMALEproducer, Singer, Song Writer, I Love Animation, Graphics Designing, Video Editing & Poetry...1/2 human, 1/4 alien, 1/4 unknown ? ? ? ? ? ? ? PIXELSASHAY & MUSIC ? ? ?? ? ? ? ...I have an appreciate & ear for all if not most music that is out there from: ?...House ?...Drum & Bass ?...Dubstep ?...Reggae ?...Dancehall ?...Ragga Soca ?...Electronica ?...Rap/Hip-Hop ?...Alternative ?...Rock ?...Jazz ?...Country ?...Classical ...etc... ? I am a self-motivated Female Producer Been creating beats/instrumentals from 2005. Still have a lot more to learn & I'm always open to hearing other producers Musical experts/pros & new music in general. GENRES: All Strongest Genre: Rap Favorite Genre: Pop Most Challenging: Reggae (This varies from time to time) Because currently v v v Strongest Genre: Dancehall Favorite Genre: Dubstep Most Challenging: Reggae {STILL (^_^)} SOFTWARE & HARDWARE USED: Reason 5 (Still Trying To Get The Hang Of 6) M-Audio Keystation 88es Adobe Audition Cubase (My Hands, Ears, Eyes & Creativity) ??? MusicForever ??? OTHER INTERESTS BESIDES MUSIC: Photography, Animation, Video Editing, Game Development, Poetry Email: pixelation.wiggins@gmail.com pixelsashayproductions@gmail.com